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Angelina Ballerina Spring Fling DVD


Spring Fling

Angelina Ballerina: Spring Fling

Available March 11, 2014 on DVD, Digital HD and Video on Demand

From Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Reviewed by Mojo YaYa

Rating: Loved it!

Angelina Ballerina is back for another musical packed DVD. Angelina and her mouseling friends have been bitten by the Spring bug. They are ready to dust the winter blues away, but first they have to through one more snow day. The mouselings while visiting Angelina use their imaginations and create a way to play baseball inside. Inside the house? Surely Angelina’s mother would not approve, but by using their creative minds they mimic the actions of pitching an imaginary ball and using an imaginary bat to hit one out of the ball park (house). The friends enjoy their game, afterwards the snow is still falling outside and they think of something else to do put them in the mood for Spring. They pull out eggs and boil them and with bowls of color they paint and decorate eggs.  An accident with the bowls of color during clean up throws Angelina into a dither, you will just have to see the DVD to find out what happens next.

So much is going on in this collection: “Angelina’s Spring Fling”, “Angelina and the Front Page”, “Angelina and the New Jeans”, “Angelina’s Trick-or-Treat Feat”, and “Angelina and the Poster” making this collection  something fun for everyone. My granddaughter Teagan and I really enjoy watching Angelina Ballerina. I love her voice and Teagan loves the bright colors and the music. The show’s theme is contagious; by the end of the DVD there was a definite note of Spring in the air. Outside our house it was a cold and rainy, but inside the blue birds were singing, sun was shining, Vivaldi music was playing and the mouselings were “having fun doing Springy things”.  Also included are two Bonus Features: Angelina’s Stupendous Dress-Up Game and Get Up and Dance Music Video.  Angelina Ballerina: Spring Fling will be available on March 11, 2014 on DVD, Digital HD and Video on Demand. If you are fan or if this is the first time watching Angelina Ballerina, I recommend picking up a copy.

Angelina Ballerina for those of you who are not familiar with her is a girl mouseling who loves ballet. She wears a pink ballerina tutu, hose and ballet toe slippers everywhere she goes. She and her mouseling friends go to school together. The show inspires dancing, music and art for children between the ages of 2 and 6. It’s an animated series where the show’s characters deal with situations and turns them in to fun and exciting adventures.  Some of the things you will see on this DVD learning to work with others, creating new dances, learning about different cultures and customs, and more. For more information on Angelina Ballerina go to and look for Angelina Ballerina on Facebook and Twitter.


Angelina Ballerina

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Story Time with Barney DVD


Reviewed by Mojo YaYa (Char Hardin)

Directors: Fred Holmes, Jim Rowley and Brian Mack

Writers: Carter Crocker, Charlotte Spivey, Fred Holmes and Douglas Booth

Voices: Barney – Dean Wendt, Baby Bop – Julie Johnson, BJ – Patty Wirtz and Riff – Michaela Dietz

Family Entertainment

Loved it!

Newest Hit Entertainment DVD from Lionsgate is Barney: Story Time with Barney with Baby Bop, BJ and (new to me) Riff. Barney is a hit with my granddaughter. She has started watching television and when she spends time with her YaYa (granny…ME) she likes to watch Barney and Angelina. Of course, those are the only children’s DVD’s I have of right now, plus the new Thomas the Train: King of the Railway (review coming soon), but so far Barney and Angelina make her happy.

It has been twenty years since the last time I watched a Barney and Friends episode and that was only because of my daughter who absolutely loved the purple dinosaur and friends.  A lot of faces have changed since then, but the one thing that remains the same is the music and lessons that Barney teaches children through imagination and song. He is an endearing character that has been around for twenty-five years and is still going strong as a favorite with young children babies through first grade who just love Barney.

In Story Time with Barney, children learn valuable lessons through the use of fairy tales as told to them by Barney. For Pandora’s Box, Baby Bop learns that sometimes it is best to wait and good things will happen. She learned the hard way that not waiting patiently could produce an “itchy” outcome. Outside of the fairy tale, Baby Bop was anxious to open a present and after learning what happened when Pandora’s Box was opened, she waited and when the time was right to open the present, she was pleasantly surprised to find something she really liked.

In another tale called the Emperor’s Contest the story involved characters competing to become the next chosen emperor of China. They were put through a series of tests by the emperor and only one person chosen because of act in which the character behaved honorably. The lesson learned from the story was to not take short cuts or be dishonest to always play by the rules. As it was for the children involved in a fishing contest, the fairy tale helped keep them on track with following rules.

I enjoyed watching this DVD with my granddaughter and then again by myself. The music, stories and interaction between characters and children was fun, energetic, interesting and best of all life lessons are taught and learned. If you are looking for something fun and very entertaining, then I recommend giving Barney and Friends a chance. You might just learn something and I bet you have a good time doing so too. Look for the Barney: Story Time with Barney available now on DVD.

My grading scale for children’s television/movies/books is simple: Like, Love, Pass and I definitely Loved this one! I have included a clip from the DVD as a preview, enjoy.  – Mojo YaYa

Link to trailer:

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The Lego Movie Movie Review


The Lego Movie Movie Review

Reviewed by Amber

This week I decided to check out the film The Lego Movie. The film is written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The film features the voices of Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, and Liam Neeson.

When Emmett a regular construction worker Lego gets chosen to become a master builder, he must team up with Batman, a pretty girl named Wildstyle and a Gandalf-like white wizard named Vantruvius to stop the evil Lord Business from gluing the world together with the Kraggle.

I thought this film was pretty funny and cute. It had a great storyline and I enjoyed the stop-motion animation and vocal cast performances. It even has a catchy song in it too called “Everything is Awesome”. Be sure to definitely check this film out. It is in theaters now. I give The Lego Movie an 8 out of 10 stars.


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Redwall YA Book Review


Redwall by Brian Jacques

Reviewed by Amber

I recently read Redwall by Brian Jacques and This was a pretty good read. When Redwall Abbey is under attack by Cluny the Scourge and his horde of vicious rats, it is up to a young mouse named Matthias and the other woodland creatures to stop them. Will they succeed?  Be sure to read this book and find out. I recommend this book to fans of fantasy and YA books. Definitely check it out.

For more information on this book and the author please go to


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Press Release 2-25-14 The Sugar Skull Girls



The Sugar Skull Girls film is being produced by Potent Media has officially released a teaser trailer featuring Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) and has jump-started its fundraising campaign on Indie Go-Go.

The film is reminiscent of films The Dark Crystal ( 1982) and Hocus Pocus (1993) using visual FX technology combined with practical puppetry.

The film is about three supernatural sisters who are accidentally conjured during a ritual and escape the wrath of the Pale Witch (Carmela Hayslett) who wants nothing more than to drag them back into her world by their cute little ponytails!  The film is also an assembly of old school horror actors joining together to make this a fun but frightful children’s film. They include: Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, The Devil’s Rejects), John Amplas (Romero’s Martin and Day of the Dead), and Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects, The Afflicted).

Film begins shooting this summer. To stay updated visit these sites and please share them with your horror loving friends!



Official Indiegogo and Teaser:

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Bedlam Stories

Bedlam Stories pic

Pearry Teo’s 

Bedlam Stories

Christine Converse

Horror – Fantasy

Reviewed by Mojeaux Ya Ya (Char Hardin)

5 Stars

“It’s an excellent foray into the mind of a mad-man claiming to be sane in the pursuit of science. Intense, brutal and deliciously demented and utterly disturbing. I loved every moment I sat spellbound within the wall of the Bedlam Asylum.”Char Hardin/Charred Remains
Fans of the tales of Oz with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin-Man and the Cowardly Lion and Alice in Wonderland hold to your memories as the two collide in Bedlam Stories with a horrific spin that will have you leaving the light on to chase your nightmares away.

I have had the distinct pleasure of immersing my mind between the pages of this book for some time now and its inescapable story sucks you in and holds you captive until the very last page. Bedlam Stories is set in the 1920′s in an asylum. Undercover reporter Nellie Bly has set her inquisitive sights on the asylum and wishes to uncover the answers to her myriad of questions.

Nellie’s expose on Bedlam Asylum she hopes will shed light on the pondering of such thoughts as to how the women who were patients at the asylum came to be in such a place. Were they truly medically insane? Perhaps a husband not wishing to go through the proper channels of a divorce just dumped his wife as a means of escaping matrimony and a sizable loss of money wasted on divorce. Nellie wondered if the women housed in Bedlam had been homeless or some other unfortunate event led to their placement. Were the women properly fed and housed? All her questions running in around inside her head have led her to being admitted into Bedlam for observation. “It surprised me how easy it was to convince the doctors and authorities that I was a fit for the asylum that I was to be shipped off to.”

Nellie’s expose was not just a simply write up in the paper. Yes, she was digging for answers to her questions, but it was also a wake-up  article she wanted to write in the hopes of starting a “Revolution” in regards to how women were treated. Nellie was creating her own movement with her undercover story.

While inside Nellie will meet a young girl named Dorothy and the incident Dorothy shared with Nellie on how she arrived at Bedlam wore heavy on Nellie’s heart and she formed an instant bond with the small girl. A bond that would test the boundaries of friendship and test the strength of Nellie’s sanity with the introduction of another young soul a frightening entity named Alice.


Within the walls of the asylum, Nellie learned all was not right and her reporter sense kicked into overdrive, but her sense of fear was greater and upon being thrust into a living nightmare at the hands of the physician who took a oath “to do no harm”, Nellie will need to gather her inner strength, to survive to tell this hellish tale and share the real truth behind the goings-on within the asylum doors.

The reader for the first part of the story may think this is a tame story of a nosy woman hell-bent on a story for a newspaper or the chance at a Pulitzer, but (for me) by chapter 10 the story takes a darker stance and all that you once thought you knew about Oz, Dorothy, Alice and Wonderland is laid to rest with a maniacal glee as the beloved creatures become something evil, monstrous and unforgettable.

Excerpt…taken from pages 186 – 187

“Did…you…do…this…to…us?” the dreadful vision before her struggled to speak, its voice imprisoned by the timing of its mechanized whirring gears and ticking sprockets.

Nellie clapped her hand to her mouth to keep from crying out. The thing’s human skin intertwined with its rusted…panels and lengths of chain, and angry, red flesh bubbled over the edges of its twisted, black pipes and metallic skeletal armatures…Nellie stepped back and turned to run but the automation grabbed her with a m…

Want to know what happens next? I recommend that you click on the website and find out where to go for a copy of your own. Once you arrive at the website you will find a prequel, Project Alice to download for free. I strongly recommend you check it out as well and don’t wait for Alice to send you a personal invitation to Bedlam Asylum, order your book right away. The next book in the collection is coming soon!

I wish to thank Pearry Teo and Christine Converse for sending me a copy of the e-book for Bedlam Stories and for their patience and understanding for the delay of the review. I loved the e-book so much, without hesitation, I ordered the paperback and have read this book so many times that the front and back covers are curled and pulling away from the spine. I truly enjoyed seeing how Oz and Wonderland clashed with the new stories and with Converse’s own creative & her horrific spin, I am most anxious to read the next book to find out what happens next.

This is an highly imaginative piece of work and I am thrilled to learn it’s being made into a film. Be sure to “Like” the Facebook page and check back for updates on the progress of the film.

The Bedlam Stories was beautifully written and well edited (Although I do remember just a couple of errors) and the illustrations placed throughout the book was stunning. I loved the presentation of the cover art and that the font was not tiny and had extra space between the lines, made for comfortable reading. The general pacing of the story from its seemingly calm to full out adrenaline rush is suitable for readers 13 and up. Parents of younger readers be advised the descriptions were detailed and the scenes disturbing and violent and may cause night terrors, but fans of horror will love it.

For days after I read the last word, I could still hear the screams and sometimes, late at night just before drifting off to sleep, I am at the gateway to my dreams, I turn to see a pair of red eyes staring from the shadows and I hear the off-key singing of a little girl named Alice.


This story will be included in my favorite books from 2013 list coming soon to this blog.

From outside her door…someone singing softly, off-key…

His treatments cruel they all did fail:

He left me in a daze,

And when he came to use the drill,

I set them all ablaze;

Then I shook him from side to side,

Until his face was blue;

“And now the time has come, I cried,

To do the same to you!”


Excerpt taken from pages 330 – 331

Note to Parents, this book is not recommended for under age of 14 due to dark disturbing material. It is definitely for older teens.

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The Rainbow Chronicles Chapter 1: Darkness Descends

The other day Amber asked if we could introduce “Add-On” story to the Kid Zone Reviews. So for the site this is our first interactive exercise with our followers. If you would like participate by adding on to the story, send your ideas with your name and send via message to Your piece will be edited and posted and a link to the post shared on the facebook page. Ages 10 to 16 may participate. Amber has provided foundation with the first chapter.

I can’t wait to see what you all come with to add to the story.  :)  Mojeaux Ya Ya

Rainbow Fantasy

The Rainbow Chronicles

By Amber

Chapter 1

Darkness Descends

Once in a faraway land that was inside of a rainbow lived a young princess who lived in a Crystal castle. The King and Queen named the princess Charity for she was pure of heart and full of compassion for others. One day they bestowed to her a special mission. She was to protect the seven rainbow crystals that sustained all life in the land and the kingdom. If the rainbow crystals were ever lost or fall into the wrong hands, darkness would descend into the land and everything would die.

The rainbow crystals were only the size of marbles which were placed inside of a glass heart of her mother’s necklace which was fastened around the princesses’ neck by a long gold chain. From that day on, Princess Charity near took the necklace off. She never removed it when she bathed either. The only ones who knew where the crystals were hidden were her mother and father as well as the princesses’ dear friends the elemental elves who resided in different parts of the kingdom. Their names were Ember, Raina, Misty, Ivy, and Frostina. They were all determined to protect the crystals and the princess from harm even if it meant their own lives. It was their duty as friends and guardians to the princess.

It was another glorious morning, but this one was going to be a good day. Why? Well, today is Princess Charity’s thirteenth birthday and the Kingdom was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was busy preparing for the big celebration which concluded at the end of the day with a ball. Princess Charity quickly dodged several people who were busy decorating the ball room for the party.

To escape from the chaos inside the castle, she ran outside. Her long auburn curls swayed in the wind. Charity was about to head to the enchanted gardens to water the flowers when coming down the hill very fast were her friends. They were too busy racing that they missed seeing her entirely. Ember came to a quick stop, but was too late to stop the others who all crashed into them both. They all lay on top of each other in one big dog pile in the mud.

Ember quickly got up and helped the princess to her feet. “Are you okay, Charity?” She asked with a concerned look on her face. Charity nodded and laughed. “So who won the race this time?” “I think it was Ember, but it’s all a blur.” Misty replied dusting herself off. Ember growled at that, but said nothing. She was so angry that her long ebony hair was about to burst into flames but she calmed down after getting a stern look from the Princess. “Sorry, your highness, I won’t start an altercation when we are celebrating your special day.” Ember said bowing her head in shame. Charity lifted her head up and gave a small smile. “It’s quite all right. No harm done.” She then touched her silky white dress and pulled her hands back to see mud all over them. A look of panic crossed her face. “Oh no! Mother is going to be mad that I got the dress she made me dirty. What do I do? The party is going to start soon.” Tears began to fall down her moss green eyes. Raina shushed her and wiped her tears away with her blue hanker chief. “Don’t cry, dear friend. Let’s tarry to the falls and we’ll give your dress a good cleaning. You can wear my evening gown while you wait.” She told her. Charity nodded and quickly followed her friend to the bottom of the waterfall.

Watching the Princess and her friends from the top of a dead tree was an evil wizard. His face was covered by a long hood of his black cloak but his two blue green eyes stared in interest at the necklace Princess Charity was wearing which had the rainbow crystals in it. A dark smile crossed his face. “Soon those rainbow crystals will be mine. Once I have them, their power will make me invincible and no one will stop me from plunging this realm into eternal darkness!” He exclaimed into the ether. He laughed darkly in his throat only when something poked him on the shoulder. He turned to see his raven Plucky and scowled. “Well, what is it? Can’t you see I’m plotting out into the ether?” Pluck cawed in apology before looking at the wizard inquisitively. The wizard sighed in irritation. “Of course I’m going to crash the young princesses’ party to try and take the necklace from her. I, Asmodeous, a great wizard like myself would not do it out in the open not when her guardians are around. That would be a fool’s mission.” He told the bird darkly. The raven was about to flee when Asmodeous grabbed the bird by the throat and pulled it to him.

The bird looked into his manic blue green eyes and trembled. “And where do you think you are going? Hmm?” The raven cocked his head to the south when the wizard slammed it against the tree hard. “I need you to keep an eye on the Princess and follow her back to the castle. I’ll be there soon. First, I am going to make some mischief!” He cried out with glee. Plucky was slowly released from his grasp and started to fly away when he called out “Whatever you do, don’t go crazy and start plucking out your feathers! They’ll think that you are diseased and will know that something’s wrong. Mess up and I’ll make a meal out of you. Now Go!” Plucky quickly flew away from the deranged wizard and secretly followed the princess. An hour had pasted and Charity’s dress was clean and dry. She quickly ducked into the bushes to change not noticing Asmodeous’s raven Plucky watching her from above perched in an oak tree. Charity had finished dressing and looked up after she heard a tree branch snap back. Plucky quickly dodged into the leaves above where she looked at. In a panic it began to pluck some of its feathers out. Plucky stopped and peeked its head out to see the princess head back to the castle with her friends. When they were gone, the raven quickly followed them.

Night had fallen when they all arrived at the castle. A full moon shined brightly above them. Once they were inside, the ball had begun. Everyone saw the princess and wished her a happy birthday. She thanked them with a nod and curtsied. They quickly bowed back. Charity was about to go greet her parents when someone asked “May I have this dance, your highness?” She turned and looked into the chocolate eyes of the most handsome boy she had ever laid eyes on. She quickly collected herself and nodded. The boy whisked her out onto the dance floor for a waltz. They danced for a long time. “You dance very well, Princess Charity.” He told her. Charity smiled at that. “Thanks. You too.”

When the waltz had ended, the boy planted a small kiss on her hand. The princess blushed. The boy then gave her a farewell bow which she quickly returned before he walked away. “Who was that boy?” She asked her parents a moment later. “You went to school with him, dear. His name is Edmond. He is the son of the royal blacksmith.” The Queen replied. At that, Charity was embarrassed. She was about to run to her room to cry when all the candles that were lit were extinguished by a large gust of wind that pushed the doors open.

Everything was silent for a moment. The ballroom was covered in darkness. A few minutes later a few candles were set alight and standing in the middle of the ballroom with his raven Plucky perched on his shoulder was the evil wizard Asmodeous. He removed the hood of his black cloak which he wore with black robes underneath and a dark smile creeped across his face. His short brown hair was parted to the side.

Everyone trembled in fear when his deadly blue green eyes stared at them. Dark maniacal laughter escaped from him. It echoed throughout the castle walls. He clasped his long claw like fingers together as he slowly walked down the long red carpet until he stopped in front of the royal family. “What a quaint little gathering you have here tonight, your majesties. It’s too bad that I wasn’t invited to partake in Princess Charity’s celebration of thirteen years of life. Such a pity. By the way, happy birthday my dear. You are the fairest beauty in the land.” He told them. The princess thanked him. “What is it that you want Asmodeous that you decided to crash my daughter’s special day?” The Queen asked through clenched teeth. He smiled at that.

“Well, since no one wants me to be here and enjoy the party, I guess I’ll just take the next best thing. What I want is that precious necklace your daughter is wearing around her neck.” Princess Charity held on tightly to her necklace and stared at the wizard in disbelief. “It is out of the question! If there is nothing further, please leave.” The King said. His face turned beet red in anger and his long pointy buzzard nose began to twitch after the king had his say. Asmodeous quickly calmed down and bowed. “So be it. I do have a gift I’d like to bestow to your daughter if you will allow it.”

The King and Queen looked at each other with uncertainty. After a moment of hushed discussion, they looked back to him. “We will allow it.” They said in unison. Asmodeous lifted his head and a crooked smile appeared on his face. With a long claw like finger, he beckoned Princess Charity to come to him. The princess was scared. She looked at her parents and they nudged her to go on. Princess Charity walked down the steps and slowly approached the wicked wizard. They bowed to each other. “My gift to you Princess Charity is this snowy owl cuff let. Wear it with pride!” He cried out with glee.

As soon as Asmodeous fastened the cuff let onto her, Princess Charity began to feel faint. “What have you done to me?” She cried out in terror. The wizard just smiled. Red smoke began to engulf the princess. Once the smoke had dissipated, the cuff let had transformed the princess into a snowy owl. Asmodeous laughed as he saw the princess was now a bird. The necklace was too big for her to wear that it fell off of her and landed right into his hand.

“Finally the rainbow crystals are mine!” He cried out in triumph. Princess Charity quickly flew to her bedchambers with her friends following. As soon as they did, Asmodeous waved his hand over it and locked the door to her room with powerful dark magic. Before anyone could stop him, he fastened the princesses’ necklace tight around his neck and laughed maniacally. “We won’t let you get away with this!” The King called out in rage. Asmodeous and his raven laughed at that. “Well, you are all going to be put to sleep permanently and won’t remember a thing.” Before the king or anyone could stop him, the wizard pulled out a huge flour bag of sleeping dust and blew it all around the room. Everyone that was in the room that had become exposed to the sleeping dust all collapsed and fell into a deep sleep. Asmodeous had placed them all under a sleeping curse and laughed.

Edmond was long gone from the party and was about to head back to his father’s blacksmith quarters in the cellar when he heard the girl’s cries for help. He ran outside to climb to Princess Charity’s room by the long grape vines that hung on the side of the castle wall. It was only when he looked up that he saw dark clouds had begun to cover up the sky hiding the sun. Darkness was beginning to descend upon their rainbow realm. Princess Charity and the others were in trouble.

He quickly climbed the grapevines while enduring the cuts he had acquired from the thorns that had cut the palms of his hands open. He winced in pain, but slowly continued to climb the vines determined to reach the top and arrive to save the girls who were locked in the Princess’s room. “Hold on, ladies. Edmond’s coming to the rescue!” He called.


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